Binotel Referral Program
Recommend Binotel and get guaranteed payouts for each referred client.
Partner's benefit
Convenient payout
You will get 100% of the client's 2, 4 and 6 checks.
Quick and easy way to register new customers
All you need are Customer name, phone and email.
We will take care of the connection and all related questions.
You recommend products that help earn more
Binotel services are developed to improve the efficiency of employees,
attract new customers and increase sales.
Each partner will have his personal manager
Connecting your customers will be handled by a responsible manager who is always ready to help you.
Become a Binotel partner right now!
1 700 $
referred client
income reaches per 1 client
Whom is this referral program suitable for?
CRM system providers and CRM system integrators
Binotel has 50+ CRM-systems integration, you'll get:
all calls statistics right in the customer card, new lead quick creation, information about an existing customer during the call, call in one click from the CRM.

Digital and marketing agencies
With Binotel Call Tracking your clients will be able to track the advertising effectiveness and optimize promotion budgets.
Consulting agencies and business couches
Your clients will get full calls statistics and analytics, as well as audio recordings of conversations, they will be able to increase sales and control the managers.
B2B companies that may recommend Binotel services to their customers
Binotel services are created to increase sales and are suitable for any business with phone calls.
How to become a Binotel partner?
Leave request on our website, either by phone +38 044 333 64 97
or by email:
You will get a referral link on your email, whereby
you can register new clients.
Also, you will get access to the personal account of Binotel partners and will be able to monitor your referred client's connection status.
How does the Binotel referral program work?
The client clicks on your referral link and fills out a simple form:
name, phone number and email.
Our business VoIP telephony expert contacts the client.
He handles all connection issues.
After, when your client has paid the first check, you start receiving payments in a convenient way for you:
- to the Binotel account for paying telephony services (if you are using our services);
- to a bank card.

Partner registration form
Is there a sales plan?
No, we do not have any plans. You can refer as many clients as you want.
Do you provide promotional materials?
Yes, we can prepare the necessary promotional materials for you on request.
I'm not very good with your product, but I want to be your partner
We will be happy to introduce to you our product, present the personal account and explain how it works.
Can a natural person become a partner?
Yes. To become a partner, you need a name, phone number and email only.
Where can I track my referred clients status?
You will have access to the partner's personal account, where you can track all your referred client's connection status.
How often are referral payouts?
Payout takes place once a month.
How to refer clients?
After registration, you will have a referral link that you can send to customers. In a special form, they will need to fill in the name, phone number and email. After that, our business telephony expert will contact them. You can check the connection status of each client in your personal partner account.
How much time does the client have to get connected?
We have set a time period when the client must be connected in order to you to receive payouts:
- If in the first conversation with our sales manager, the client decides to connect, they have 120 days to do it.
- If he refuses in the first conversation, he has 90 days to change his mind.