Mobile application to monitor employees' calls
call control
Mobile application for Android that provides call history and calls recordings from your employees' mobile phones. You can see statistics, listen to conversations with customers and improve the quality of service even if your employees work remotely.

Binotel presents Wire
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List of missed calls from customers that your employees ignored
Audio recordings of conversations with customers
All calls statistics
Access to call history and recordings from your
CRM system (more than 60+ ready integrations)
Who is Wire for?
For small and medium-sized businesses whose employees communicate with customers via corporate mobile phones
For companies whose employees work outside the office and on the road. Retail, sales representatives, logistics, courier delivery, realtors, taxi services and for many other business areas
For companies that want to improve their analytics and customer service, as well as keep the customer relationship history and requests data
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Set up a company and add employees' phone numbers.
Get mail access to your personal account with analytics
and links for your employees to download Wire.
In your account, get full administrative control. Track all calls, audio recordings and the status of your employees (active/inactive)

- Missed calls
- Audio recordings
- All calls statistics
- CRM integration
- GDPR-compliant
ONE PRICE - all function in PRO:
19 €/mo
per device
Monthly payment
15 €/mo
per device
Monthly payment
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15 €/mo
per device
Annual payment
How to activate Wire app
Wire Benefits
Keeping the customers
You can see a list of all missed calls that your employees did not call back. No customer is forgotten - you are sure!
You get a complete analytics on staff time: the number of calls each employee takes, the amount of time spent on calls, the distribution of calls throughout the day.
Employee control
Audio recordings of conversations with customers and calls data from mobile phones of your employees help you monitor and improve service quality.
Better service quality
Efficient communication
Outsourcing control
Wire integrates with your CRM system and saves all calls to a customer card. You can dial the client number in one click directly from the CRM. It takes 2 seconds to create a new customer card.
You always have at hand information about how your employees work on the road or remotely. Wire captures conversations on mobile phones constantly.
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